About the Authors

About the Authors

Kevin Lee:

Kevin Lee has been involved in search engine marketing since 1995 and founded Didit in 1996. In 1998 when GoTo.com launched PPC search advertising, Didit was one of the first agencies to buy PPC traffic for advertisers. He has authored over 380 columns on search engine marketing and two prior books to Search Engine Advertising. Kevin has lectured on Internet Marketing more than 1000 times to audiences in many cities and countries.

Kevin’s firm, Didit is an online advertising and marketing services firm, the industry leader in search engine marketing and real-time performance display media.  With award-winning expertise in search engine marketing, auctioned media management and targeted online advertising, Didit has been leading the evolution of online marketing with its blend of technology, intelligence and passion since 1996. Through its multi-disciplinary methodology, Didit combines top-tier SEM Strategy, highly sophisticated analytics and modeling, and best-of-breed technology to produce unmatched SEM results for its over 100 clients across all major verticals.   Didit is dabbling with publishing via a new hyperlocal SEO platform being tested in the mental health category on Therapy Today.

Kevin earned his MBA from Yale School of Management in 1992 and lives in Scarsdale with his wife (a New York Psychologist) and two kids.  There’s the mental health connection.

In addition, Kevin has launched: We-Care.com and in 1998 Briefme.com (thinking of recussitating that site)