This site was initially about the book Search Engine Advertising, but time to re-purpose and layer on new content.

SEO now includes AI implications, so Kevin Lee (doing SEO since 1994) will post here.

Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee

Search Engine Advertising

This is the companion site for the the 2009 second edition of: Search engine Advertising: Buying Your Way to the Top to Increase Sales, Second Edition, published by New Riders, written by Kevin Lee with the guidance and blessing of Cat Seda, author of the first edition.  It’s somewhat out of date now, but the core strategic best practices still hold.

There are basically two types of search engine marketing, paid search (also known as search engine advertising and sometimes referred to as PPC search), and organic search (getting lucky enough to be listed high in the search engines without paying for the privilege.  Of course the word organic has several other completely unrelated definitions, including “a compound that contains carbon” or in the area of foods food produced from organic farming methods.”  But alas organic search is the phrase the industry settled on around 1995.  While this book is entirely about search engine advertising, Kevin Lee has invented SEO technologies as well as PPC technologies.  There’s a hyper-local SEO technology being tested on Therapy Today, a site that Kevin Lee launched with his wife, Dr Allison Kahner, a clinical psychologist who also runs Cognitive Therapy Associates. If the concept of a network of non-competing professionals works in mental health, it could work in other industries.


About the Book

Achieve Immediate Web Site Visibility
In the book, authors Kevin Lee reveals how to achieve immediate web site visibility through the power of search engine advertising in Google’s adWords, Yahoo! and Microsoft’s adCenter. You’ll learn about the strategies, tools and techniques you can use to profitably increase sales at the lowest cost-per-customer and the highest profitable sales and lead volume. The major challenges and benefits of search engine advertising programs and tools are also covered.

Improve Your Search Engine Marketing Efforts
There are several ways to get to learn search engine marketing. Hands on learning is best but some kind of companion book is very helpful.

If you are over 35, chances are that it’s been quite awhile since you used the printed Yellow Pages when searching for or researching a local business. If you are like most people in the USA (and globally for that matter), you have replaced the printed Yellow Pages with Google, Yahoo, Bing, or your favorite search engine. Perhaps you occasionally use an online yellow pages site. However, search engine use goes far beyond replacing the printed Yellow Pages and consumers and B-to-B purchasers use search engines to research travel options, online or offline purchases at stores they already know and love, learning about news stories, entertainment, stocks, and much more. Search engines have become a gateway to information and that makes them critically important to marketers and business owners. Being able to provide YOUR product and services information to searchers at the appropriate time is clearly an opportunity for you to influence that searcher’s eventual purchase decision.

It’s no surprise therefore that Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as paid search, is a powerful new advertising channel that simply did not exist just a decade ago. Kevin Lee’s firm, Didit.com which had long focused on SEM technology acquired Inceptor a search marketing agency with a strong SEO and social media focus.