Using to Maximize Google Visibility is the online business directory for the US. It is one of several online directories that small businesses should consider paying to belong to where the benefits of a profile outweigh the costs.

Having a tricked-out profile is great for a lot of reasons. You’ll be able to prove to customers and suppliers that you are  listed and make a statement at the same time by uploading your company description, keywords and (depending on your profile level) logos and pictures. But that’s not all:  Google crawls the site every day looking for enhanced profile information. If you want to give your profile the best possible shot at getting higher in Google, you need to known a bit about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Google ranks pages and sites based on two broad types of factors: on-page (on-site) information and off-page information. has been built with a strong understanding of what Google looks for in a company profile. However, a paid member profile will be far superior to a non-member profile because the members can add keywords, an accurate and lengthy description, and even visual elements to their profile. That helps a lot.

Google doesn’t just look at what’s on a profile page though. Google looks at the pages on the overall web that link to the pages of That’s where your Listed badge does double-duty. Using the badge not only tells visitor to your existing web site about your  status and membership; it also alerts Google to the fact that your profile should rank better relating to your business name and industry.

If you have ignored use of your badge and have not claimed and enhanced your profile on, now would be a great time to do so.