Book Reviews (Release #1)

Book Reviews (Release #1)

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Search engine advertising is a powerful channel for connecting with customers who are actively seeking to buy, but managing a successful search marketing campaign is anything but easy. Catherine Seda’s guide helps you avoid costly mistakes that can bedevil even the most experienced advertising veterans. The wealth of accurate, savvy information contained in this book makes it a must-read for anyone promoting products or services online. Using even a few of the tips and techniques offered in this book will boost your results significantly, paying for the book many times over.

Chris Sherman
SearchDay, from

Search Engine Advertising is an in-depth, get-your-hands-dirty book. It digs deep and provides easy-to-implement strategies and even high-level, advanced tips and techniques. The book lists the names of specific tools that help you to optimize the process, and even templates for legal letters to those who may infringe on your trademark. What most struck me about this book is that it taught me new tricks–and I have been in this space for more than eight years. I have seen Catherine speak at industry conferences since the 90’s[md]she knows this subject matter cold, and shares her most effective strategies in these pages. This book will get the beginner off the bench and in the game, and will teach the expert new tricks, too.

Fredrick Marckini
CEO of “The Original” Search Engine Marketing Firm: iProspect

So fresh and new, [Catherine] Seda is brilliant and breaking trail! She makes the seemingly impossible to understand process of #1 search engine rankings perfectly clear and with easy steps to follow. Traditional books on these topics are dry, uninteresting, and difficult to stick with. Seda’s book is casual and interesting. Graphics such as the search engine relationship map is worth a million words alone. It’s comforting to know I’m on the right track, with the tools I need at my side.

Kima Hall Owner and CEO,
Ocean DIVA Jewelry & Designs