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About the Book: Search Engine Advertising

Regardless of whether you a new search engine advertiser looking for the steps to launch a successful campaign, or are you a seasoned veteran who needs cost-saving tips to improve your profitability, this book is for you.

Search Engine Advertising isn’t just about buying a top position in search results. Authors Kevin Lee and Catherine Seda reveal how to achieve immediate web site visibility, and shows you the tools and techniques you can use to increase sales at the lowest cost-per-customer. Key features in this book include:

  • Developing an effective keyword list, ad copy, and landing pages
  • SEM paid placement strategies
  • Campaign Setup
  • Tracking your return on investment to and optimizing campaigns
  • Best practices in campaign structures and keyword research
  • The evolution of paid search advertising
  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee Didit Founder. Chairman & CEO, has been an acknowledged Search Engine Marketing (SEM) expert since 1995. Kevin’s years of SEM expertise provide the foundation for Didit’s proprietary Maestro search campaign technology. Didit’s unparalleled results and client profit lift have earned Didit recognition not only among marketers but also as part of the 2007 Inc 500 (#137) as well as a #12 position on Deloitte’s Fast 500. Kevin’s “Paid Search Strategies” column for ClickZ is read by thousands, and his book, “The Eyes Have It: How to Market in an Age of Divergent Consumers, Media Chaos and Advertising Anarchy” has been widely praised. In March 2009, Kevin’s second book: The Truth About Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising and Search Engine Advertising include a code redeemable for $200 in free Microsoft Advertising (adCenter) ad credits for new advertisers. A founding board member of SEMPO and its first elected Chairman Kevin is also active on DMA and IAB Committees. The Wall St. Journal, Business Week, The New York Times, Bloomberg, CNET, USA Today, San Jose Mercury News and other press quote Kevin regularly. Kevin lectures at leading industry conferences plus: NYU, Columbia, Fordham and Pace Universities. Kevin’s expertise is also valued by Wall Street he has briefed analysts and clients of JP Morgan, RBC, UBS, Piper Jaffray, Goldman Sachs, Citicorp & others. Kevin earned his MBA from Yale School of Management in 1992 and lives in Manhattan with his wife (a New York Psychologist) and kids.  Kevin was recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2008 and 2009 Award Finalist in Metro New York Area and received the 2008 Direct Marketing Club of New York, Mal Dunn Leadership Award.

    Catherine Seda
    Catherine Seda has helped companies leverage the Web since 1995. She is a freelance writer and author of several Internet marketing books. Catherine wrote the first edition of “Search Engine Advertising” (New Riders, 2004). She is also author of “How to Win Sales & Influence Spiders” (New Riders, 2007), which is available in Chinese, Japanese and Polish. As a popular Internet marketing speaker, Catherine has presented at eBay Live!, eBay University, DMA, Entrepreneur magazine, Search Engine Strategies, and UC San Diego Extension. She shares practical tips in publications including Entrepreneur magazine, Leader magazine, Yahoo! Small Business Insights and U.S. SBA’s Small Business Success. As an Internet and search marketing consultant, Catherine Seda works with leading companies such as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, Home Decorators Collection, MyGatsby.com and Education Development Center. For more information, visit www.CatherineSeda.com.

    Search Engine Advertising, Kevin Lee with Catherine Seda: Table of Contents

    Foreword (by Danny Sullivan )


    • Profiting in a Google economy
    • Search, more than the new Yellow Pages (Put before Google section?)
    • How this Book is Organized
    • Why 80% of this book is about paid placement
    • Chapters 3 through 10, not just for novices

    Part I – Paid Search Fundamentals

    Chapter 1: Search Engine Advertising Overview

    • Customers raise their hands
    • What is a SERP and where are the paid ads?
    • PPC, SERPs and ROI, common acronyms defined
    • Getting ready for a real-time auction
    • Ten years, Ten Billion Dollars
    • Why Google comes first
    • The SERP and non-SERP clicks

    Chapter 2: The Engines: Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Beyond

    • Paid Placement vs Paid Inclusion vs Directory Inclusion
    • Bidding on Keywords
    • Keyword Targeted contextual ads
    • Keyword targeted behavioral ads
    • Second Tier Engines
    • Local Search & the Internet Yellow Pages

    Chapter 3: Essential Pre-Planning

    • Is your site ready?
    • Is PPC search right for me? (Cut? Or briefly discuss in previous sub-section? Let’s assume most people who buy this book can do PPC or they wouldn’t buy this book J)
    • Your competition: Brilliant or Bogus
    • Marketing goal review
    • Search in your media plan, media mix models (Cut? Already in Overview?)
    • Tracking and Bidding

    Chapter 4: Marketing Campaign Foundation

    • Mission Statement
    • Translating goals into objectives
    • Defining your Target Market
    • Call to Action
    • The buying funnel and search
    • Success you can’t measure
      • Lost cookies
      • Long lag times
      • Offline conversions
      • Passionistas and Buzz

    Part II – Planning a Successful PPC Campaign Strategy

    Chapter 5: Direct Response and Branding Metrics

    • ROI is in the eye of the beholder
    • CPO, ROAS, CPA, Blended Metrics
    • Branding metrics and measurement
    • The BEI, turning branding into direct response
    • Engagement, the new brand metric

    Chapter 6: Campaign Setup Overview, Structuring Your Listings

    • Engines
    • Campaigns, Language, Geography Time of Day Day of Week Syndication
    • Ad Groups
    • Keywords
    • Your Ad Creative (Ad Copy)
    • Landing Pages
    • Custom landing pages
      • Forms
      • Calls to action
      • Navigation
      • Embedded Flash
    • Landing Pages and Google’s quality score
    • Landing page testing
      • A-B testing
      • Multi-variate testing

    Chapter 7: Campaign Setup: Keywords

    • Brand Keywords
    • Product & Service Keywords
    • Heads, Tails and Power Curves
    • Plurals and Stemming
    • Keyword Research Tools
      • Google
      • Yahoo!
      • Microsoft
      • Your Log Files & Internal search
      • The Others
    • Keyword Clustering
    • Traditional Match Types
      • Broad
      • Phrase
      • Exact
    • Negative Keywords
    • Advanced Match, Extended Broad Match and other surprises
    • Trademarks and Search
      • Background on Trademarks and Brands
      • The engine rules
      • Competing with your channel
      • Competitive Bidding
      • What to do

    Chapter 8: Campaign Set-Up: Titles and Descriptions

    • Search Scent
    • The all-powerful title
    • Descriptions that work
    • The Offer
    • Benefits that resonate
    • Incentives
    • Editorial Guidelines and Policies
    • The Fancy Stuff
      • Dynamic Keyword Insertion
      • Microsoft Parameters
    • Start with two

    Chapter 9: Campaign Set-Up: Conversion Pages, Bids and Budgets

    • Pick a Page (to start)
    • Mission Accomplished, Conversion
    • Binary Events & Scored Conversions
    • Shopping carts with revenue
    • Blended Conversions
    • Exit Clicks
    • The Dreaded Back Button
    • Setting your CPC bids by Ad Group and/or Keyword
      • Understanding Quality Score and Initial Bid Prices
      • How it all ties together
    • Campaign Budget Settings
      • Campaign Structure Pays off

    Chapter 10: Going Live

    • a)         A fight you can’t always win.
    • Start with Google
    • The Launch
    • The leap to Yahoo and Microsoft
      • Importing campaigns
      • Re-checking
      • Pulling the trigger
    • Targeting, beyond keywords
    • Weeding and managing the failures

    Chapter 11: Campaign Management, Bids, Technology, Agencies, In House or Blended

    • Bid Management and Campaign Automation
      • Do you need Bid Management?
      • elements of Bid Management
      • Importance of High Visibility
      • Beyond Bid Management When you need an agency
    • Your in-house team
    • Performance Deals

    Part III – Beyond the Big Three, Engines

    Chapter 12: Additional Search Traffic Sources

    • Comparison Shopping Engines,
    • Online Yellow Pages : Right for you? Superpages YellowPages.com CitySearch
    • Vertical Market Search Engines & Directories: Business.com, Lawyers.com, LocalAccountantNetwork.com, etc.
    • International Search Engines Google Rules Internationally too, The other Biggies, Country-specific engines

    Chapter 13: Contextual Keyword Targeting

    • Contextual Targeting Explained
    • Right for you?
    • Vendors
    • How  it differs

    Chapter 14: Extending Search with Behavior

    • Behavioral Targeting Explained
    • Vendors
    • How to

    Chapter 15: Other Forms of Paid Search & Visibility

    • General Directories
    • Buying Links
    • Press Releases
    • Media, PR and Search, Interaction Effect


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