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Google now showing realted ads?

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Using to Maximize Google Visibility is the online business directory for the US. It is one of several online directories that small businesses should consider paying to belong to where the benefits of a profile outweigh the costs. Having a tricked-out profile is great for a lot of reasons. You’ll be able to prove to customers and suppliers […]

Display Search Retargeting Wish List, Part 1

This article originally ran on on May 29, 2009. One of the biggest opportunities in search marketing over the next two years has nothing to do with a SERP), nor is it a text ad. It’s search retargeting. Yet most forms of behavioral targeting available today, particularly those offerings directly available from the search […]

Display Search Retargeting Wish List, Part 2

This article originally ran on on June 5, 2009. Behavioral targeting offerings, particularly those from search engines, leave a lot of room for improvement. Last time, I started a wish list for the search engines. It continues here. Run your high-end retargeting engine through your ad exchange. I want to bid for retargeted impressions […]

Changes to Google’s and Microsoft’s Ad Interfaces

This article originally ran on on May 22, 2009. While the future developments it covers have now occurred, it still has value for those interested in improvements and refinements recently made to the search engines’ PPC advertising consoles. In the wonderful world of software (including Web-based software), it’s sometimes difficult to know if one […]

Bridging the SEM Knowledge Gap

This article was originally published on on May 15, 2009. In a way, it’s more current today than it was when I wrote it, because the changes in the search ecosystem have continued to accelerate at a rapid rate and these shifts will happen with increasing frequency in the future. ew industries change as […]

Credit For “The Last Click” and Attribution

This article originally ran on on May 8, 2009. But it remains highly current, given the debate about last click attribution which continues to rage in the online marketing industry. At Penton’s Annual Conference for Catalog and Multichannel Merchants, a key focus — as one might expect — was on direct response metrics for […]

Analyzing the Google Content Network

This article was originally published on on May 1, 2009. It remains current and relevant, given that Google continues to dominate online advertising, and many marketers continue to be baffled by the prospect of maximizing efficiencies on the Google Content Network. The Google Content Network (GCN) can work for advertisers, though not nearly as […]

View From the Trenches: Search-Style Media Convergence

Although this article ran on on April 24, 2009 and discusses a trade show that happened many months ago, it remains current because purveyers of media continue to liken their approaches to those of search, which remains a foundational online marketing modality. The eMarketing Association’s EM9 conference and ad:tech took place in San Francisco […]

New Research: Paid Search Builds Branding

This article originally ran on on April 17, 2009. It remains current, however, because the research cited within remains the best single study of the synergistic brand-building benefits possible with PPC search advertising. Additional research has been released that should erase one more layer of doubt about whether paid search can play a role […]